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Jan 27 - Apr end | Every Sat | 3:30-5:30 pm (15+ sessions)
INR 6999/-

30+ hours
of training

your instructors.

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Aniket Parmar

Founder, Rangmanch ki Charpai


Aniket is a versatile theatre artist, who has explored the field as a writer, director, actor, storyteller, and theatre mentor. He has worked as an actor in 25 plays of different genres and languages. Aniket has also conducted theatre acting and writing workshops at various schools and corporate organizations.

Some of his children’s plays include A trip to Moonpur & Stopwatch. Notable amongst his other public plays are Mumtazbhai Patangwale (2019), Raju Tailors (Dec 2020), Asli Maza Sabke Saath Hota Hai (Jan 2021), 2 Rupay ki Baat (Sept 2021), Indeed -English play (2022).


Aniket is a law graduate from Gujarat National Law University and has been a theatre practitioner for the last 6 years. He has also been active in social work, and worked with NGOs like SARD, Navyug, and Muskaan Foundation. He was conferred with the Annual Pro Bono Award by the Chief Minister of Gujarat for rendering free legal and social services to under privileged sections of the society.


Himanee Jhaveri

Programme Anchor, Ninja Planner @ The Hive

Himanee has inherited theatre in her genes. Born in a family of theatre artists, she has been exposed to the field and interacted with artistes from her childhood. She was a part of Natyasampada, Surat and has worked in plays with its team, both on the stage, as well as behind the scenes.

Besides theatre, Himanee also has an inclination towards dance and Gujarati literature. She is an accomplished Kathak dancer, having pursued the classical dance through her growing up years.

Professionally, Himanee is a Financial Expert with experience in banking, investment and financial management. As part of Team Hive, she overlooks its financial planning, while also grabbing an opportunity to revive her childhood hobbies.

She will facilitate this programme as an Anchor bringing in her knowledge of various aspects of theatre at work.


I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
elephants in pink pajamas

Would you like to tell your tale, or sing like nightingale? Caper about, or act it out? Shake a leg, or manage backstage? Pick one, pick all, because theatre is a wonderful medium to express yourself – in multifarious ways. By incorporating literature, dance, music, and fine arts, among many others, theatre serves an all-encompassing art form to channelize your creativity.


‘Elephants in Pink Pajamas’ (EIPP) is a theatre & stage arts programme that is of the children, by the children, and for the children. Its genesis stemmed from the thought that children had been cooped up in homes all through the COVID times, and had missed out on social interactions the most. What better way to bring some semblance of normalcy into their lives, than through theatre? Not only does theatre give children the freedom of expression that is vital to building their creativity and self-confidence, but also it balances both the left and the right sides of the brain. Most importantly, it allows children to learn by doing, rather than by seeing, hearing, or reading alone.


After four successful seasons, EIPP is back with season 5. In this 15-session intensive programme, the prime focus will be on skill-building, followed by a mini performance that will give children the much needed opportunity of showcasing their talents. Kids will interact with different experts to understand the basics of theatre, different forms of theatre, and ways of expressions. They will then create a mini performance using their imagination and creative skills.


  • Explore theatre as a medium of expression

  • Work on a combination of fine & performing arts

  • Understand the basics of theatre – storytelling, characterisation, acting, et al

  • Learn about Navrasas and use them in character building

  • Learn about different forms of theatre like Monologue, Mime, Musical, Street Play, etc.

  • Understand Vocal ((Vachikam) and Physical Projection (aangikam); practice voice modulation while reading a play

  • Explore group activities for team building

  • Build skills like verbal and non-verbal communication, concentration, social skills, etc.



  • Theatre & allied art enthusiasts 7 to 14 years of age

  • Children aspiring to pursue theatre as a career option

  • Kids craving for more social interaction opportunities



1. What resources will I need to bring for this programme?

Happy minds and an eager self. The rest will be provided by The Hive.

2. What will be the form of the final performance?

The training programme will culminate into a mini performance that will be created by the children themselves. Hence the exact form of the performance will be determined only once the programme is underway. The idea of the performance is to boost children's enthusiasm, help them work in teams, and towards a goal. Apart from acting, children will get a 360-degree exposure to theatre by understanding scripting, possibly costume design (time permitting), participating in backstage management, and the like.

3. What areas of arts will my child get exposure to?

All participants will be a part of the fine & performing arts covered in the programme, such as acting, dance, stage design, costume design, and/or prop making. The exact assignment for each child will be determined by their mentors based on the child's aptitude and abilities.

4. What safety precautions will be taken at The Hive?​

We will be working in small groups. Our instructors and staff are fully vaccinated. Masks are recommended when indoors or within close proximity. However, the participants are responsible for their own health & safety.


the schedule.

Jan 27 - Apr end, 2024
Every Sat
Practice, Performance milestones,
Progress sharing with family
3:30-5:30 pm
Stage Performance date to be announced closer to the programme culmination
30+ hours
of training
INR 6990
Promotional price
Cancellation Policy: In the unlikely event of The Hive cancelling any of its workshops for any reason, registered participants will be refunded the entire amount within 15 business days. Course dropouts by participants will be eligible for refund as follows: 30+ days before the event - 75% refund; 15-30 days before the event: 50% refund; less than 15 days - 0% refund. Attendee changes can be accommodated up to 14 days prior to the event.
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