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our values.

  • Democratic, open-source, collaborative: These 3 words sum up the spirit of learning at The Hive. “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere,” Anton Ego had remarked in Ratatouille. At The Hive, watertight silos between an instructor and a participant are absent; ideas are welcome from everyone.

  • Building communities: Individuals build communities, and communities sustain individuals. The Hive is not a club of the elite, but a community of enthusiasts. We constantly endeavour to get like-minded people together in the fellowship.

  • No rat race: We believe that knowledge should be pursued for knowledge’s sake, not merely to win awards, certificates, or competitions. At The Hive, be driven by your interests, not by others.

  • Evidence-based: We depend on objective, empirical evidence of learning as a yardstick of progress. If we have made claims, use our evidence-based guides to test them out.

  • Fundamental, creative, hands-on: Don’t settle for status quo. Be prepared to challenge conventions, theories, and customs through radical, foundational thinking.

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