the honeycomb

A vibrant art and culture hub offering a stimulating atmosphere for fostering hobbies.



An indoor and outdoor gallery space ideal for exhibiting works of art in an intimate environment.

art yard

A backyard for all messy affairs - from art exploits to maker projects. 


cubs' den

A zippy space for the young ones, featuring an attic, sleep hole, tree rack, and a portable performance podium

fitness pad

A multipurpose room opening into a terrace, ideal for a morning session of rejuvenating exercise or an evening of pulsating music.


AV room

A classroom setting replete with audio-visual facilities for films, presentations, tech demos, and workshops. 



An outdoor performance area for cozy stagings - from musical renditions and dance shows to mini theatrical productions. 


swarm cell

Step into the hive's warm welcoming area as you enter a hub pulsating with creativity. Bring forth your queries, register for programmes, leaf through our activity archive, and get buzzing. 


confab well

Beneath a verdant bamboo grove, converge for a brainstorming session with passionate souls, or a coffee and chat with pals. The confab well is certain to prise ideas from imaginative minds.  


kitchen lab

A setting ideal for hands-on activities from cooking and experiments to indoor arts and crafts.


Virtual vibes of creativity extend beyond the hive's physical premises. Stay tuned for online programmes that transcend the barriers of space and time. 




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Jan-Feb 2021



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