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HiveFlix: The Movie Club
HiveFlix: The Movie Club

4 Fridays full of fun!

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HiveFlix: The Movie Club
HiveFlix: The Movie Club

4 Fridays full of fun!

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Phoram Desai

Totally Filmy


Professionally, Phoram Desai is an educator, with over 20 years of experience. Personally, she is totally filmy at heart. Ergo, Phoram has blended her work with her passion by conducting movie workshops for her students, and making learning fun. She has also provided children with opportunities to participate in, and be child jury members in International Children’s Film Festivals for four consecutive years.


According to Phoram, movies provide a window to the world, as well as an opportunity to look within. They are one of the media that are loved across all age groups, and therefore Phoram’s favorite tool to bring fun into learning. Besides watching movies, Phoram loves cooking, reading and travelling.

Movie Theatre

"a good movie should make you forget you are in a cinema."
- roman polanski

Sight. Sound. Motion. Emotion. Progression. Movies promise them all. But the reasons why good movies stay in our minds go beyond these mere sensory experiences. They could be the plot, characters, dialogues, lyrics, location, or simply the message they leave behind.


HiveFlix is an attempt to enjoy, analyse, and unravel the layers of good movies, developing certain skills in the process. The 4-Friday workshop aims to make screen time for children even more rewarding with an off-screen time that follows. During the workshop, Phoram will take one movie every Friday, and through various activities, help children to explore and enjoy its different elements. Award-winning Pixar animated movies will be specially handpicked for this programme. The discussions will revolve around the story, symbolism, cinematography, conflict, and similar elements.


Movies are a window to the world. They also expose young viewers to liberal arts and critical thinking. Above all, collective film watching is an enjoyable social experience that could segue into a larger initiative such as a movie club run by the children, of the children, and for the children. With that lofty goal, Hive Flicks sets in motion. “Mark!”


  • Explore different types of movies in a community environment

  • Gain awareness about the basic elements of a movie

  • Engage in the interpretation of a movie

  • Build literary and critical thinking skills

  • Develop ability to reflect and form a perspective



  • 8 to 11 year olds who enjoy screen time :)

  • Literature and liberal art enthusiasts

  • Anyone craving for a freaking good time!


1. What resources will I need to bring for this programme?

Happy hearts and a keen mind. The rest will be provided by The Hive.

2. Will there be popcorn?

Certainly! Movies go hand in glove with maize kernels. So why not?

3. Can parents attend these movies?

Uh, well, technically they can. But wouldn't it be a lot more fun if it were just a bunch of kids having a movie party all by themselves? And of course, the programme anchor will be there to answer any queries or moderate the discussions later. So parents, why don't you catch some cool stuff on Netflix yourself?

4. Do we have a list of the movies to show?

Yes of course! But for now, suffice it to know they'll be award-winning Pixar animated movies handpicked for this programme. The rest is top secret.

5. What safety precautions will be taken at The Hive?​

We will be working in small groups. Our instructors and staff are fully vaccinated, and masks will be used when indoors or within close proximity. However, the participants are responsible for their own health & safety.

Fri, Nov 26
Fri, Dec 3
Fri, Dec 10
Fri, Dec 17
Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3
Movie 4
5:30-7:30 pm
5:30-7:30 pm
5:30-7:30 pm
5:30-7:30 pm
Participants can register for any or all of the 4 Fridays.
INR 300/movie session