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June 30 onwards | Every Tue-Thur-Sat | 5:00 - 6:00 pm

TO REGISTER, DM 94095-60101 OR 72278-84717

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Sensei Nikhil Trivedi and Sensei Aditi Trivedi

Practitioners of holistic well-being

Sensei Nikhil Trivedi is an 8th Dan Black Belt, and holds the title of Grandmaster, along with being the recipient of various national and international awards. Sensei has trained students across the globe at several national and international centres. He is also a devout yoga practitioner, an avid mountaineer, a Reiki master and trainer in Pranic healing, and an expert in natural healing systems.


Sensei’s aim is not just to teach how to fight and become strong, but to bring about a holistic transformation in students’ personalities by strengthening their physical, mental and spiritual capabilities, and guiding them towards a well-balanced approach to life.


Sensei Aditi Trivedi is a Yoga and Martial Arts trainer. She was first introduced to karate at the age of three, and now martial arts is an integral part of her life. She became a Black Belt at 12 years of age, and has been imparting training since 2015.


Founded by Sensei Shri Nikhil Trivedi in 1981, Arjun School of Martial Arts (ASMA) is a pioneering martial arts institution of Gujarat that has taught and transformed the lives of more than 40,000 students in a span of 40 years. Deeply committed to a vision and mission of holistic living, ASMA has not only taught martial arts to its students, but also contributed to shaping their character.



“the ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat,

but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”

- gichin funakoshi

Martial Arts, an overarching term given to the fighting methods of different countries, is one of the most relevant life skills one must learn in today’s age. It not only works on the body’s conditioning and flexibility, but also trains the mind to face the challenges of life.


At Arjun School of Martial Arts, character building is at the root of all training. Through a holistic programme that is focused on developing the body, mind, and spirit, ASMA aspires to lead to an all-round personality development of karatekas (participants), including a sound moral character and a sense of righteousness.


ASMA’s Martial Arts programme primarily trains students in the Goju-Ryu (hard-and-soft) style of karate. Karate (meaning ‘empty hands’) utilizes only the body's energy and techniques to overpower an opponent, without the use of weapons or foreign objects to attack. Various techniques such as punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and open-hand chops are taught that target the weak vital points of the human body.


A student’s journey begins with the white belt. Along with the first moves and techniques, students are also taught the disciplinary code-of-conduct and the martial art spirit required to be a karateka. They are gradually taught the more advanced techniques of Katas and Yaksu-Kumites, and can appear in exams for higher Belts - Yellow, Green, Brown and finally the coveted Black Belt!


Karatekas also learn how to actually fight in the Jyu-Kumite combat, once they achieve a certain level of technical accuracy. Training of weapons like Nun-chaku and Li Chei (cane sticks) is also imparted to the senior grade students.


  • Make a lifestyle shift from passive dullness to activity & enthusiasm

  • Discipline the mind & body

  • Develop confidence, focus, and self-esteem

  • Improve reflexes and learn to defend yourself in danger

  • Build strength, flexibility, and body toning



  • Self defense and fitness enthusiasts 6+ years


An affiliation with ASMA also provides an opportunity for the following, from time to time:

  • ASMA Camps: A most special and unique experience of the ASMA philosophy is through its Camps, which take place thrice a year (in June, during monsoon and after Diwali). 75 camps have been conducted so far in campsites rich with natural beauty. These 5-6 day events are designed to impart the very best of training, develop bonding in ASMA family members, and shape character through harmonious living.

  • Learning other Martial Arts: Sensei Nikhil Trivedi regularly initiates senior students into other martial arts, such as kickboxing and spirit combat. There are also special training modules for women’s self-defense, such as using trivial things like a comb or a key as weapons.

  • Social Service: ASMA is committed to not only self defense, but also to good Samaritan acts. The ASMA family voluntarily comes together in crisis situations, be they floods or harsh winters, to help the affected.

TO REGISTER, DM 94095-60101 OR 72278-84717

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1. What resources will I need to bring for this programme?

You will need to procure the karate gi (uniform) once you enroll. However, more than anything else, you'll need an enthusiastic & perseverant disposition, and a keen mind. Are you ready? :)

2. What safety precautions will be taken at The Hive?​

Our instructors and staff are fully vaccinated. However, the participants are responsible for their own health & safety.

TO REGISTER, DM 94095-60101 OR 72278-84717

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Every Tue - Thur - Sat

(Starts from June 30, 2022)

5:00 - 6:00 pm

INR 5500 for 3 months

TO REGISTER, DM 94095-60101 OR 72278-84717

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