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"To find yourself, you must first lose yourself."

welcome to the hive!

a creative space to attend to your calling.

Ever fancied making a tree house on your own? Or appreciating the surreal in an art museum? Ever dreamt of telling  blues from rock? How about wanting to learn knot-tying to survive disasters, or accurately identifying the birds of your state?


What a wish list, isn’t it? If you've got one too, it’s time to take a reflective pause in your fast-paced life, and review it. Time to step into The Hive.


The Hive is a creative space for exploration for those consumed by wanderlust – not merely a lust for physical adventures, but also for escapades of minds and hearts. Who knows what you’ll find when you are on a leisurely pursuit?



A tryst with a palette of colours, a cruise with a camera, a rendezvous with a spanner & a spade, a searching gaze into the dark skies, or simply a brainstorming session with old pals – there are a myriad ways to enrich yourself at The Hive.



Enquiring minds and passionate souls -- both young and senior. Whether you are a dreamer or a maker, an artist or a tinkerer, a performer or a spectator, a maverick or a socializer, The Hive welcomes you to explore, upskill, and express yourself. What’s more, you can come forth to build a community of like-minded people to share your gusto with!

Revive old interests
Acquire new learning
Connect with kindred
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Showcase your works

In its physical & virtual spaces, The Hive offers a variety of programmes for personal growth  – from fine arts to photography, gardening, woodworking, stargazing, bird watching, board gaming, and a lot more as we grow.


Our shorter workshops are ideal for getting introduced to new ideas, skills, and concepts, whereas the longer-running programmes focus on deep diving into specific areas of expertise.


Leisurely explore arts, acquire hands-on vocational skills, or learn the little hacks of life – you’re sure to find a sense of fulfillment at The Hive.

praise for the creative photography workshop

Margaret Swan,


"Highly recommended class; I'd attend again in a heartbeat"


Sanoop Thomas,


"The techniques of photography can be taught easily, not the art. And yet it's amazing how beautifully this class brought out the artist in me."

The Hive’s cozy, vibrant, and stimulating atmosphere is ideal for enquiring minds and passionate souls to pursue their interests. Come forth, and embark on a journey of exploration at The Hive!

From a lush garden and a colourful art yard in the outdoors, to a tech-equipped presentation room and a zippy kids zone indoors, The Hive has several congregation areas to ideate, explore, and interact. Its intimate gallery space is ideal for exhibiting works of art to inspire others.


The Hive's vision & mission highlighted in

The Times of India's Sunday Edition,

Mar 28, 2021

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