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welcome to the hive!

a creative space to attend to your calling.

Have you fancied making a tree house on your own? Or appreciating the surreal in an art museum? Ever dreamt of telling the blues from the rock? How about wanting to learn knot tying to survive disasters, or accurately identifying the birds in your surroundings?


If you've got a wishlist on file, it’s time to take a reflective pause from your fast-paced life, and review it. Time to step into The Hive!

what's the buzz about?

Programmes at the hive


From fine arts to photography, gardening to woodworking, stargazing to bird watching, baking to board gaming, The Hive offers a variety of programmes for personal growth.

Who's invited?


Dreamers, makers, artists, tinkerers, performers, spectators, mavericks, socializers - age no bar!

What's on?

sweet as honey

highlights from our archives.

The Hive's vision & mission highlighted in The Times of India's Sunday Edition, Mar 28, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 3.40.18 PM.png
Repurposing initiatives at The Hive
Praise for The Hive's Photography workshop,
Jan-Feb 2021

the honeycomb

spaces at the hive.

The confab well
The art yard
The gallery hall
The AV room
The garden
The mandapam
The entrance
Kids' den
The cosy room
The garden
The garden
The reception
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