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Saurabh Suri

Teacher | Researcher | Social Worker

Saurabh is a teacher, researcher and social worker with research experience at IIT Delhi. He has worked as a fellow at Teach for India (TFI) and has done sewa for three years at Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad. He has now dedicated his life to making education fun, relevant to daily life, and research oriented, while empowering children to take charge of their own learning through work and hands-on practice.

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The world is full of obvious things, which nobody by any chance ever observes.

- Arthur Conan Doyle

Why do architectural structures use triangles in their anatomy? And why are honeycombs hexagonal? When choosing a fair dice, would gamers pick a 5-sided or a 6-sided one? What can you possibly make with matchsticks and some plasticine?  


Delve into the world of dimensions from 2D to 3D, as you discover answers to real world questions. Recognize the simplicity behind seemingly complex mathematical concepts by engaging in exploratory and hands-on activities. And find out how and why polygons and polyhedrons pervade our environment – from forms in nature, to architecture, to their use in mathematical 3D modelling.


Explore through activities. Apply concepts creatively. And internalize through implementation.



  • Introduction to the surrounding environment

  • Understanding dimensions

  • Discovering different types of dimensions

  • Recognizing polygons and polyhedrons

  • Discovering their prevalence in nature, structures, mathematical modelling, and the like

  • Applying concepts of dimensions, specifically polygons & polyhedrons, to real life scenarios


  • Curious minds, 8-12 year olds

  • Children with apprehensions in Math


  • Uncover simple explanations to complex mathematical topics

  • Reinforce learning through hands-on activities

  • Overcome the fear of technical concepts with experiential learning


1. What resources will I need for this workshop?

Plenty of enthusiasm, curious minds, and eager hands. And yes, your masks, sanitizers, and water bottles. The rest, we'll provide at The Hive.

2. What safety precautions will be taken at The Hive?

We will be working in small groups, in the open, and social distancing norms will be strictly followed. Masks are compulsory at all times during the workshop. However, the participants are responsible for their own health & safety.



Wed, 13 Apr, 2022

Thurs, 14 Apr, 2022

Fri, 15 Apr, 2022

Sat, 16 Apr, 2022


5 - 7 pm

5 - 7 pm

5 - 7 pm

10 - 12 am

INR 1990

Cancellation Policy: In the unlikely event of The Hive cancelling any of its workshops for any reason, registered participants will be refunded the entire amount within 15 business days. Course dropouts by participants will be eligible for refund as follows: 30+ days before the event - 75% refund; 15-30 days before the event: 50% refund; less than 15 days - 0% refund. Attendee changes can be accommodated up to 14 days prior to the event.

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