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Bees at Work


Batch 1 - Sat, Nov 19th - 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Batch 2 - Sun, Nov 20th - 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

For registration, contact - 9824002575
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Rakesh Gupta
Chief Advisor, Golden Hive Foundation

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Poorva Lalbhai
Urban Beekeeper
Founder, Bees in my Backyard

Rakesh Gupta is a passionate beekeeper who has been practicing migratory beekeeping since 2004. As part of the Golden Hive Foundation, he has  been conducting workshops on awareness about bees and bee products in Delhi. In his quest of source specific unifloral honey, he has travelled widely, and has facilitated production of honey from wild thyme, buckwheat, cajanus, clover, etc. for connoisseurs. He brings with him experience, exposure, passion, and a desire to spread the word about bees. 

Poorva Lalbhai is a backyard beekeeper based out of Ahmedabad. She started exploring the world of bees by keeping native bee boxes in her garden 3 years back. She has come to develop a great appreciation for bees and wants to spread the word about them. She also wants to promote the use of native bees in apiculture. 

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"anyone who thinks they’re too small to make a difference, has never met the honeybee!"
- anonymous 

When one hears the word ‘bees’, the mind is abuzz with concerns, questions and myths. What can you do when you get stung by a bee? How do honeybees make honey? Do we harm the bees when we take honey from them? 


DID YOU KNOW that honeybees are the only insects that produce food for humans? Humans have been interacting with bees since centuries. The Egyptian pharoahs used to bury pots of honey with them in their tombs for their afterlife. Honey has been used for its medicinal properties since ages.  People have practiced the art of honey gathering from the wild and keeping bees in boxes in their unique ways. It has now developed into a booming industry. Humans use bee products (honey, bees wax, propolis and more) as well as their pollination services in a managed fashion. 


The purpose of the workshop is to explore the world of bees as up, close and personal as you would like to get in a safe fashion. So come, let’s bust some honey myths, some bee myths and have fun as we understand these meticulous, hardworking insects to understand why is the world abuzz about them. 



  • Getting to meet the bees up-close in a safe fashion!!!

  • An understanding and appreciation of bees. 

  • An introduction to the common bees in your backyard. 

  • Getting to know how honey is made; is it really bee vomit?

  • Demonstration of making of a beeswax salve to take away with you. 

  • A honey tasting experience!


  • Curious explorers from 9 to 99 years of age

For registration, contact - 9824002575
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1. Is it safe to be around bees? What if I am allergic?

The bees will be in the box and for you to view closely. Safety measures are taken to ensure that there are no bee stings. If allergic, we recommend consulting your doctor before signing up for the workshop.


2. Would I get to take something back at the end of the workshop?

There will be a demonstration of making a DIY beeswax salve which you will get to take away and use for the upcoming winter. Beeswax has great moisturising properties. You will also get an information brochure about bees and the common bees in your surroundings. 


3. Will I get a chance to interact and ask questions about bees and bee keeping?

Of course! The workshop will be interactive, so participants will have opportunities to ask questions, break myths and share their experiences with the facilitators.

4. Is this a children's workshop?

Not at all! It is for anyone with a child-like curiosity to explore the world of bees.

​5. What safety precautions will be taken at The Hive?​

We will be meeting in small groups. Our instructors and staff are fully vaccinated. Masks are recommended when in close proximity. However, the participants are responsible for their own health & safety.

For registration, contact - 9824002575
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Batch 1- Saturday, Nov 19

Batch 2 - Sunday, Nov 20

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

INR 2000

For registration, contact - 9824002575

Cancellation Policy: In the unlikely event of The Hive cancelling any of its workshops for any reason, registered participants will be refunded the entire amount within 15 business days. Course dropouts by participants will be eligible for refund as follows: 30+ days before the event - 75% refund; 15-30 days before the event: 50% refund; less than 15 days - 0% refund. Attendee changes can be accommodated up to 14 days prior to the event.

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