Kruti Shah

Dream Maker

A marketing communications professional, Kruti's heart had always been in art. After fifteen years in academics and industry, motherhood forced her to introspect, and Kruti realized that what she loved most was making puppets for her children's birthdays, writing stories of her own, creating Esher-inspired rangolis, and solving logic puzzles to practice math.


An accomplished Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer, a fervent traveller, a novelist, and a board-game buff, Kruti aspires to kindle the passion of hobbies in like-minded souls.


Darshini Shah

Art Wizard

Darshini's tryst with art began at a young age when she commenced creative exploration with kids at early development schools. In the fifteen years since then, the ever-resourceful instructor has delighted children of all ages with her innovative projects, organized fun-filled birthdays and events, taken young ones on nature walks, and choreographed kids' fashion shows.


With her remarkably infectious never-give-up attitude, Darshini longs to continue her journey of artistic discoveries with children and adults alike.


Himanee Jhaveri

Ms. Money Matters

Himanee validates the saying that 'good things come in small packages.' Her proficiency in Kathak, dramatics, and Gujarati literature refuse to be trivialized by her tiny stature and child-like appearance.


Born in a family of theatre artists, Himanee demonstrates a natural leaning towards performing arts and literary pursuits. With such a rich cultural background, how she finds interest in the drab world of finance is a question only she can answer. 


Kanan Shah

Happiness Manager

Spunky. Spirited. Social. That's Kanan for you. Dubbed 'an enthu cutlet,' Kanan is only 3-degrees of separation away from most people. And not merely because friends relish her culinary delights.


An avid travel enthusiast, Kanan has trekked far and wide in India and abroad. Also a Bharatnatyam dancer, Kanan is keen to spark an interest in culture amongst her myriad connections. 

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