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Chalkboard with Different Languages


FOR AGES 4 - 7 YRS | INR 8500

TO REGISTER, DM 98983 38683

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Deshna Shah

Founder, Highbrow - Language Brain

Deshna Shah is a Gold Medalist MA in Linguistics and the Founder of ‘Highbrow- Language Brain.’ She started her language journey in Spanish and German in 2019 and since then, has taught at various institutes such as Criss Cross Lingo institute, Institute of Law (Nirma university), Toyblocks School, and Calorx Olive International School.

Currently she works as a Mother Toddler educator and Spanish educator for toddlers in Singapore International School, and also provides Spanish corporate trainings. Deshna’s comprehensive techniques for illustrating in German and Spanish, as well as a hands-on, activity-oriented approach, make learning the language not only fun, but also easy. She believes that working with students allow her to bring out her very best.


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"with languages, you are at home anywhere."
- edmund de waal

The Spanish Foundation Level-1 is designed to engage children in a playful and educational environment where they can learn Spanish while having fun. Through auditory stimulation and sensorial deployment, children will be able to explore various concepts and ideas in a hands-on manner, which will help to reinforce their understanding of Spanish language and retention of new information. Students may be asked to run, jump, or hop while reciting new vocabulary words. This will help to reinforce their learning while also having fun.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to greet, introduce themselves and family, respond to the basic questions confidently

  • They will be able to understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple sentences with the use of vocabulary introduced in the sessions

  • Participants will know the words for the things that are around them in their daily lives

  • Participants will get to explore the culture and traditions of Spain

  • They will be able to communicate in a simple manner if the person they are speaking to speaks slowly

    and clearly and is willing to help


  • Be a confident communicator

  • Look through a new window to the world



  • Children in the age groups 4 to 7 yrs



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TO REGISTER, DM 98983 38683

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1. What resources will a child need to bring for this programme?

Happy hearts and a keen mind, which all children are innately blessed with. The rest will be provided as part of the programme. ​

2. What safety precautions will be taken at The Hive?​

We will be working in small groups. Our instructors and staff are fully vaccinated. Masks are recommended when in close proximity. However, the participants are responsible for their own health & safety.

TO REGISTER, DM 98983 38683

Cancellation Policy: In the unlikely event of The Hive cancelling any of its workshops for any reason, registered participants will be refunded the entire amount within 15 business days. Course dropouts by participants will be eligible for refund as follows: 30+ days before the event - 75% refund; 15-30 days before the event: 50% refund; less than 15 days - 0% refund. Attendee changes can be accommodated up to 14 days prior to the event.

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