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Nov 15, 2021 - Feb 5, 2022 | Mon & Wed | 4-6 pm


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Jahnavi Mehta

An Experienced Educator


Born into a family of teachers, Jahnavi has followed into the footsteps of her predecessors. She has been in the field of education for more than 20 years, and has an innate knack for connecting with children. Working with young kids and bringing out their creative genius is something she’s always been passionate about.


Professionally, Jahnavi has been trained in Multiple Intelligences, Primary Years Programme, and Montessori Teaching, besides her formal education degree – B.Ed. For most of her professional career, she has been associated with the Riverside school as an educator, school leader, and a teacher trainer.


While working in Keystages 1 and 2, Jahnavi has led programmes where children explore their interests to design and create life-size installations, plays, and theatre productions. At The Hive, Jahnavi will lend her expertise in co-creating Elephants in Pink Pajamas.


Language of Rhythm

Learning Music can make a marked difference to the development of a ones social, cognitive and communicative skills. Music helps to discover the inner self and for that understanding all the elements of music- Rhythm, Melody, Beat and Pitch is very important. Understanding of these musical elements together is very inevitable to develop the the clarity of Swara, Rag and Lay.


Language of Rhythm is a program of Music wherein we take the step in the world of music with the help of Vocal as well as instrumental understanding of music. The knowledge of Vocal music along with instrumental (Keyboard) music helps to achieve the clarity of voice and teach us how to focus on the stability of the note and match pitch perfectly with the help of Keyboard. 

The Power of Music has no bar of age. Music can turn out to be therapeutic for elders with spiritual joy of inner self as well as its a form of physical exercise by playing the instruments, while for Children it is a skill to develop creativity, self confidence and focus which in today's scenario of digital world, is turning out to be the vital need for all children.  



  • Understand of different elements of music 

  • With repetitive practice develop voice clarity, stability in notes and understanding the pitch.

  • Learning about the history of Music.

  • Enhance your happiness quotient while developing your creative, intellectual, emotional, and social skills


  • Age is no bar from 7 years to 70 Years.

  • For all the music enthusiasts who just to develop the skill and appreciation for music.



1. What resources will I need to bring for this programme?

Happy minds and an eager body. The rest will be provided by The Hive.

2. What play will the participants perform on?

We will be selecting the play based on the interests of the registered group. It will be either a musical or a mystery unfolded through monologues.

3. What will be the form of the final performance?

The training programme will culminate into a mini performance at The Hive. Apart from acting, children will get a 360-degree exposure to theatre by helping in stage design, costume & prop making, and participating in backstage management. The idea of the performance is to boost children's enthusiasm, help them work in teams, and towards a goal. 

4. What areas of arts will my child get exposure to?

All participants will be a part of every fine & performing art covered in the programme, be it acting, dance, stage design, costumes, or props. However, the exact assignment for each child will be determined by the mentors based on the child's aptitude and abilities.

5. What safety precautions will be taken at The Hive?​

We will be working in small groups. Our instructors and staff are fully vaccinated, and masks will be used when indoors or within close proximity. However, the participants are responsible for their own health & safety.

6. What happens in the event of interruption of a part of the programme for any reason?

If the programme is interrupted for any reason, it will be resumed once the situation is resolved.


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Performing Arts
Performing Arts
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